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Cashback services appeared relatively recently, but already managed to become one of the ways to save money on purchases on the Internet. I experimented with many services and chose one that I have been using for many years.

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Take advantage of special services.
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Affiliate program. Almost every service has its own affiliate program. It allows you to attract new customers with minimal advertising costs. The essence of earnings in the following: you register with the service, get a referral link, and everyone who clicks the link and orders the goods will bring you a small percentage.

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Mediation. You buy goods in foreign online stores, and take cashback yourself. It is suitable if there are people in your community who would like to order online, but do not know how or do not want to bother with information.

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Scrolling borrowed funds. This is a semi-legal way to get money. Some services pay a percentage for each loan and loan taken. That is, you can take a loan, get cashback for it, and then just instantly pay it. In the end, after a couple of loans you will ruin your account, but you will get a plus.

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